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  • Young Journalist Competition 2016
    Young Journalist Competition 2016
    Waterways Ireland is delighted to launch its schools competition for 2016! The Young Journalist Competition encourages creative writing and is to open to entries from 4th, 5th & 6th class / P5, P6 & P7 students.

    The competition is based around oral history which is the recording of people's memories and experiences through interview and is a fantastic source of evidence of life in the past for historians.

    Entering is easy, simply listen to your chosen audio clip, write your newspaper article and email it to learning@waterwaysireland.org along with your completed entry form.​

    Newspaper articles must be based on one of the events within the audio clips. ​The closing date for receipt of entries is Friday 27th May 2016. Great prizes to be won so get your creative writing skills into action! ​

    Memories are made of these...

    Remember that all newspaper stories start by answering the basic principles of storytelling; who - what - when - where - why - how

    ​ Check out your local newspaper for examples​​

    ​​George B​rierly
    'Where is England'

    George recalls the characters he met over the years and tells a short story about 'the two english men who arrived at the docks asking where is England?'Find ​out more about George.​​

    Liam Gleeson
    'The Horse & Nosebag'​

    In this interview Liam retells the story about the horse that was bitten by a mouse in his nosebag. Read more to find out where Liam grew up.

    Liam Gleeson
    'The Postman & Bathtub'

    ​​In this interview Liam tells the funny story about the RIC man who was trying to deliver mail and decided to use a bathtub to help him travel down the canal. Read more​ to find out more about Liam's family..
    George Morrissey
    'The Big Freeze'

    George recalls the tragic story of the 'Big Freeze' of 1947 when his school friend drowned while skating on the frozen ice. Discover which waterway George was born beside.
     John LeFroy
    'The Raising of the 45M'​

    In this interview extract with John, he speaks about the 45M Guinness barge which tragically sank on Lough Derg in 1946 with the loss of 3 men. He also talks about the raising of the barge in 1979. Read further to find out which Heritage Boat John owns.
    ​​​Read the full story of the 45M​

    Photo of the 45M
    The 45M was built in 1928 by Vickers (Ireland) Limited and worked for only 17 years before she sank. She was used to carry sugar and general goods between Carlow, Dublin and Limerick. Download​ the PDF to read about the sinking & rising of the 45M.​​

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