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News & Events
  • Sceince Week 2023
    Sceince Week 2023

    We are very excited to be part of Science Week once again this year

    'Explore Ireland's Waterways' is our online workshop which takes you on a virtual visit of exploration to your local canal, river or lake. The workshop will be shared on our Learning Zone website during Science Week which runs from 13th - 20th November.

    The workshop is full of fun and interesting activities covering a range of topics ideal for either classroom based or outdoor learning.

    - What is biodiversity? Do you know what the words species, habitat of ecosystem mean?? Check out our Waterways Wildlife Fact File to find out more about the diverse variety of wildlife found within our waterways.

    - Our waterways are a haven of biodiversity. It's very important that we all respect these environments while we enjoy the benefits they offer. Our Waterways Hero activity highlights the importance of being a responsible waterway user.

    - Make you own Waterway Eco-Dial to bring it on a nature walk or watch 'Explore Ireland's Waterways' video to identify some of the plants & animals living along your local waterway

    - Make the most of the last of the autumn leaves with our Autumn on the Waterways tree creation activity.  

    Visit the following link to get started: Waterways Ireland | Resources | Science Week 2023

  • National Famine Way Education Pack
    National Famine Way Education Pack

    We were delighted to work with the National Famine Museum in Strokestown along with EPIC, The Irish Emigration Museum on the recently completed National Famine Way Education Pack!

    This new highly engaging and interactive education pack provides an insight into the most traumatic event in Irish history, exploring all its complexities through the experience of Strokestown’s Missing 1,490 and their last journey on Irish soil represented by the National Famine Way.

    Ireland’s official Famine Heritage Trail is a 165 km cross country pilgrim walk with captivating layers of history, art and culture. Starting in Strokestown, it weaves through country lanes, villages, towns and Dublin city mostly along the banks of the Royal Canal.

    Be sure to check out this fantastic resource which features maps and drawings from the Waterways Ireland Archive as well as information about building locks and the Irish Navvies! Visit HERE to find out more.

  • 50 things to do for kids!
    50 things to do for kids!

    ​Looking for some fun activities to do as a family? Well look no further!

    The Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands Team, in collaboration with the 9 Local Authorities, have recently produced “50 Things to do for Kids” map pads. Inside there is a selection of fun activities to do along Irelands Hidden Heartlands, so why not get involved?!

    Just follow the link to access the resource: 50 things to do for Kids


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