News & Events

News & Events
  • Upcoming Spring Events 2021!
    Upcoming Spring Events 2021!

    NI Science Week takes place from the 15th-28th February 2021! Celebrate with Waterways Ireland as we share our interactive presentation and resources on the Learning Zone website from 8th-12th February. Join us as we discover our wonderful wildlife friends living in and around your waterways! See what you can find using our FREE downloadable resources to help you become a Waterway Hero. Our resources include instructions and useful information for teachers and students to bring the great outdoors to life! These include our Waterways Eco Wheel, Be a waterway Hero activity and the Waterway Factfile. This event is free of charge and suitable for Key stage 2 pupils, sign up here 

    Engineers Week takes place from the 27th February- 5th March, Waterways Ireland is delighted to take part in this popular nationwide event once again in 2021. This year we will be sharing our workshop virtually, where students will be given the opportunity to learn all about the world of engineering, with specific attenion to Waterways Irelands engineering projects! The workshop will include an interactive presentation and various downloadable resources which will allow your students to get hands on with some fun activies. See if you have what it takes to become an engineer! Make sure to keep an eye out for the sign up link which will be shared soon...

    For more information on any of these events, to get involved or make a booking, please contact:

  • Keep up to date with our Education E-zine!
    Keep up to date with our Education E-zine!

    ​Make sure you keep up to date with Waterways Irelands latest Workshops and Resources by signing up to our Education E-zine! 

    Released every quarter, the e-zine showcases the latest news from our Education programme by introducing our newest resources and updating you on our upcoming workshops. Giving you advanced notice of when to sign up, so you can make sure you get a space! If you're interested you can signup HERE or if you would like to read previous issues, you can find them HERE

  • Free downloadable resources available on the Learning Zone!
    Free downloadable resources available on the Learning Zone!

    Like many others Waterways Irelands Education programme is adapting to the new norm.

    Many of our hands-on workshops and special events have been unable to go ahead due new social distancing restrictions. In the absence of these events, Waterways Irelands Education team have been working hard to develop online workshops and a range of FREE online resources to engage, inspire and excite young learners. The programme has been developed to support the education curriculum in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Make sure to check out our resources under the resource section on the learning zone website! 

  • Science Week 2020!
    Science Week 2020!

    ​This Sunday (8th November) marks the beginning of Science week 2020! Waterways Irelands education team are delighted to be getting involved again this year.

    This year we will be hosting a virtual visit to our waterways. Get involved with our interactive presentation which links to a range of resources available on our Learning Zone website. Learn all about Irelands inland waterways and the various plants and animals who call it home. The workshop will be available under 'School projects' on the learning zone website from 9th- 15th November. 

  • Bugs & Beasties Halloween Workshop!
    Bugs & Beasties Halloween Workshop!

    ​This year Waterways Ireland are celebrating Halloween online!

    Get involved and gain access to a range of FREE downloadable content from the comfort of your own home! The workshop will be available under 'School Programmes' on the Learning Zone Website from the 22nd October- 6th November 2020.

    The Bugs & Beasties workshop will include a range of fun and interactive resources which will introduce students to various animals, mini-beasts and aliens which can be found along our waterways! The resources also cover some spooky storytelling where students will be able to look at some heritage pieces written by previous generations and see how Halloween nights compare to the ones we have now. 

    We hope you enjoy getting involved. Happy Halloween everyone! 

  • Education updates on Waterways Irelands social media
    Education updates on Waterways Irelands social media

    ​Over the last six weeks, Waterways Irelands education team have been busy sharing educational resources across our social media. Through doing this we hope to help people who have suddenly found themselves thrown into the role of teaching. All the resources contain curriculum links to help with lesson planning. Follow the updates online and keep your kids busy, by teaching them all about nature and the great outdoors- good for reducing your stress levels too! Follow the updates on social media at: WI Facebook